What happens if you mix cbd and caffeine?

While research on how CBD and caffeine interact with each other is relatively new, so far there do not appear to be any adverse effects. Drinking CBD with coffee or tea in combination is no different from drinking coffee and following your normal CBD regimen throughout the day. As an anecdote, people who combine CBD with caffeine report that it can ease the nervousness of a caffeine rush. It has also been reported that with the addition of CBD, caffeine drinkers experience a reduction in anxiety and nausea that they might otherwise have felt.

Overall, the blend of CBD and caffeine leads to a burst of concentrated energy, without any of the negative aspects that are often associated with daily caffeine consumption. So, choosing an iced beverage or simply letting the hot coffee or tea cool down a bit will give better results, since CBD oil will be more potent. And CBD oil's effects on the body aren't just dose-dictated; in fact, these effects can vary widely, depending on the strain of CBD oil ingested. If you're healthy and just want to take your morning dose, but you're a little nervous, CBD coffee is probably best for you.

But what are the effects of mixing CBD with caffeine? Doesn't it seem more or less to combine stimulant caffeine with supposedly relaxing CBD? Start by brewing coffee with whatever method you prefer (cold brewing can help you get more out of your CBD additive). CBD oil and caffeine have become a very popular combination because the negative side effects of caffeine consumption are negated by the body's interaction with CBD. Improving your cup of coffee doesn't always require an additional ingredient (although CBD is welcome, of course). More and more coffee shops are adding CBD options to their beverage menu; you may just need a few Yelp searches and phone calls before you find one in your neighborhood.

While the potential health-improving effects of CBD have been documented, research on what happens when CBD is mixed with caffeine is a bit unpredictable. Dr. Bonni Goldstein, medical director of Canna-Centers, told Cady Drell who was writing for Marie Claire that figuring out how a person reacts to CBD is a case-by-case basis and that the effects of mixing it with coffee are not fully understood. Although coffee is already known for a number of positive benefits, adding CBD could incorporate some additional health benefits and even improve the effects of caffeine.